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Adoption Stories

Learn what other adoptive families are saying about their adoption experience with Alliance for Children.

Twice Blessed by Domestic Adoption

By Jennifer and Jayson

Alliance for Children came into our lives as our last chance to become parents.   Our first adoption did take a while but the wait was well worth it. Alliance for Children’s staff constantly communicated with us, helped us every step of the way, made sure to let us know if there was anything coming up, etc.  Then in late August 2012, we got the phone call that would change both of our lives forever.  There was a baby boy available for adoption and the birth mother chose us.

There is an extremely tough decision to be made to give up the child and there is the unknown if the adoption will go perfectly. Minds change and things happen. We had gone through so much together that this is what we've been waiting for.  The people at Alliance for Children are more than just people - they make anyone who has dreams of becoming a parent come true.  They are patient people who will fight for you. They hurt with the parents who go through a failed adoption.  They understand the ups and the downs and are in your corner the entire way. I can't tell you how many phone calls we received from them but they never gave up.  
The second time around, we went through two failed matches but they always pledged to make our dream happen, no matter how long it would take.  They want to help complete the dream just as badly as the adoptive parents.  We adopted our second time in 2015, and we now have two healthy and beautiful little boys. Landon and Camden definitely re-shaped our lives but it was Alliance for Children that brought them into our lives.  

We would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking to explore an adoption. They become part of your family because in the long scheme of life, they play a huge role in every child's life. We couldn't speak anymore highly of this wonderful agency.  What they do, and what they deal with on a daily basis is amazing. They create families and give hope to every little child who deserves a good home.

Meant to Be

By Blair H.

When my husband and I decided last year that we were going to adopt, we were told that adoption is not only a wonderful experience but that it can also be filled with many emotional roller coasters. We found this to be very true once we started down our adoption journey. We got numerous calls about babies, but none of them worked out.

After starting to feel a little frustrated, we got the call about our son. That call was different, and I knew I had to go and get him. We flew to the state where our son was born, excited to meet him, but we were met with many obstacles. We didn’t know that we could not adopt a child from this state through the agency that we were with. To make a long story short, after a week of not being able to see our son, and feeling both emotionally and physically exhausted, we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Alliance for Children stepped in and took over our case. They worked extremely hard to get all of the paper work in order so that we could have our son. After a week of waiting and trying to figure out what we would do, we were finally able to see our son for the first time.   ….

Dear Birth Mother

By Joy M.

We always planned on adopting a child, although we planned on adopting only after having biological children. As many of us know, things don’t always work out the way we plan them. The pain and discouragement of recurrent miscarriages and the uncertainty of our ability to conceive a child led us to reassess our “plan.” It was actually an easy decision for us to consider the adoption process. People worried that I was trying to replace babies that we had lost. In reality, we were trying to build our family in the only way that I knew we could. Things had come full circle for me. I was adopted.

We researched many programs and countries, read countless books, and dreamed of what was to be our future as a family. As prepared as we were trying to be, fate had a hand in the path we would next take. It was fate that placed us at our adoption agency's information meeting, listening to a family that had just returned from Colombia. I remember leaning over to my husband, Steve, and whispering, “What do you think about Colombia?” The answer to my question was written on his face. That was it for us! We were on our way to having all of our dreams come true. It would be seven months until our daughter would be placed in our arms. It would be seven months until the best time of our life together would begin.    ….

The Adoption

By Jessica F.

For my husband Bill and me, adoption was always in the game plan, even before we were married. We both came from backgrounds that treasured and encouraged adoption, he growing up with an adopted brother and I growing up in a faith that believed adoption to be an amazing gift from God. One night in January just one year into our marriage, sitting at a little Italian restaurant, in the course of one conversation we realized we wanted to adopt sooner rather than later. The need was now, and we were ready.

We spent a month researching agencies, and chose Alliance for their breadth of experience working with Russia and their good reviews. The paper-chase began, and as we came to questions regarding what gender, how many children, what needs we could handle, we were blessed to be miraculously united: boys, brothers, and possible minor special needs.    …

Bringing Home Sara

By Howard C.

“Ba ba ba ba duh duh!” The rock rift pounds heavily in my brain. “Ba ba ba ba duh duh!” It pounds again, this time getting louder. The punk rock-ish words written and sung by The Clash begin: “Should I stay or should I go? If I go there may be troubellllllle. But if I stay there may be doublllllle. Just one thing I got to know....Ba ba ba ba duh duh....Should I stay or should I go?”

I am driving in my car. The music isn’t on the radio. It is in my head. My wife Jane and I have been talking, for what seems an eternity, about getting on an airplane and traveling to Bogota╠ü, Colombia, to adopt a baby girl. We can’t wait to do so. ….