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Unplanned Pregnancy Help

We are here to help you whether you are pregnant or even if your baby is already born. Our caring and professional staff offers confidential services:

Getting Started

Considering adoption and ready to take the first step?  Alliance for Children’s professional staff is here to help you 24/7. Let’s start working on your personalized adoption plan together.

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Our Promise to You

Alliance for Children has been offering adoption services for over forty years. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with the care, support and expertise you deserve.  Our confidential services include the following services: counseling, pregnancy-related living expense assistance (if necessary), housing, matching with pre-screened adoptive families, hospital planning and legal services. We are available during your pregnancy or even after you have delivered, 24/7.

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Common Questions of Birth Parents

Birth parents make adoption plans for different reasons. Ultimately, this decision is made in the best interest of a child. Let us answer your questions about adoption so you can decide whether adoption is right for you and your child.

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Birth Parent Rights

It is very important that birth parents know and understand your rights when planning for an adoption.  Our caring staff will fully explain your rights and will respect and value your decision.  At Alliance for Children, we are here to help and support you, 24/7.

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Your Adoption Choice

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and question whether you can parent a child at this time in your life? We offer confidential help so you can decide if making an adoption plan is best for you and your baby. Learn about different types of adoption plans and find solutions.

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Adoption Process

Deciding whether adoption is right for you and your child is the first step. If you choose to move forward with adoption, we will help you create a personalized adoption plan with a loving adoptive family. We will hold your hand through your adoption journey.

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Adoption in Your State

Pregnant and considering adoption for your baby in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida or Arkansas ? Alliance for Children is your local adoption agency, offering counseling and adoption services in all of these states. Our caring staff can answer your questions, help you choose adoptive parents for your child, and make a private agency adoption plan. Click below for specific adoption information for your state.

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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Use our pregnancy calculator to estimate your due date.

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View Hopeful Adoptive Families

Alliance for Children offers free matching services with pre-screened, hopeful adoptive families.  Please view our waiting families and call/text us for more information.  Some of our waiting families are web-shy; call to learn about them too!

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Meet Our Families

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