Flag of Taiwan Looking for families interested in special needs adoption from Taiwan - Alliance is currently accepting adoption questionnaires from all American families wishing to adopt older children and children with special needs from Taiwan. In May 2014 we received a list of adoptable children from Taiwan who have special needs. Information on the first six children has been translated. Please read about them below, and if you think you might consider adopting one of them, we urge you contact Megan Chen at megan@allforchildren.org or by phone: 781-444-7148.

Fang is a happy 5-year-old boy who is on the autism spectrum but learning and improving every day. Fang likes cameras, playing at the park, playing ball and playing games on a tablet.

Tsai is a happy, sweet, polite 7-year-old boy in good health with no major illnesses. His grades in school are fair, as his verbal language is slightly behind. He likes math and is good with matching colors and shapes and is very proud of his drawings!

Lin is a young girl turning 6 with significant special needs. Lin is just learning to stand/walk in physical therapy and is making improvements every day.

Huang is an outgoing and helpful 12-year-old girl. She enjoys basketball, dodgeball, reading and watching TV. She is diagnosed with ADHD for which she takes medication but is otherwise healthy. She very much wants to be part of a family!

Wen is a talkative and affectionate 10-year-old girl who loves to draw! She is diagnosed with mild physical disabilities. She hopes to find a loving and stable adoptive family!

Chih is a shy 9-year-old boy who loves dogs and playing outside. He is a good student who does his homework!

General Information: Taiwan lies between Japan and Philippines, off the southeastern coast of China. At only 13,892 square miles, Taiwan is smaller than Maryland and Delaware put together — but its lush and lovely tropical climate are very appealing! An enormous mountain range covers two-thirds of the island and includes East Asia's highest peak. The subtropical climate is affected by two weather patterns: a continental monsoon that brings cool, wet weather to the northern half of the island between October and March and an ocean monsoon that brings rain to the southern half between April and September. The monsoons can bring devastating typhoons. Most mainlanders live in the north, Taiwanese live along the western coast, and aborigines live in the mountains and on the eastern coast. Taiwan's primary exports include coal, limestone, and marble — as well as high tech machinery and electronics.

Over four-fifths of the people are descendants of Han Chinese settlers who came to the island in the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries from southeastern China. The culture is a mix of influences that include aboriginal cultures, Taiwanese folk cultures, Chinese classical culture, and Western-influenced modern culture.

A "Fun Fact" is that the Lunar New Year is Taiwan's most important festival.

The People and Culture: Taiwan's population is just over 23,113,900 people — a large number for such a small area! Popular foods and dietary staples include rice, vegetables, fruit, tea, fish, and poultry. Sharing food is an extremely important social custom, and a very high value is placed upon hospitality. Most people are followers of China's three religious traditions; Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. There is also a growing presence of Christianity.

Mandarin is the official language, but many people speak Taiwanese also. Music is very popular, especially classical tunes. Karaoke is also extremely popular, and some clubs even offer live music to sing along to. In addition, many people enjoy participating in baseball, basketball, tai chi, and taekwondo in their free time.

Applicant Criteria: Married couples between the ages of 30 and 50. Couples over 50 will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for placement of an older child. Parents must be in good health with no criminal history, both must have college degrees, and minimum income levels apply.

Travel Requirements: One parent must travel. One or two trips are required, depending upon the orphanage. If the child is in an orphanage that requires one trip, the length of that trip is approximately 1 week. If the child is in an orphanage that requires two trips, the first trip is approximately one week long and the second trip, which usually occurs 4-6 months after the first trip, is approximately 7-10 days long.

Children Available: Infants and young children up to age 8 are available for adoption. Both boys and girls, and occasionally siblings, are available. Children are tested for hepatitis B, HIV, and VDRL.